Online Coaching, Education, and Skill Building Programs

Our Relationship University programs provide the necessary education, skills training, community and live support needed to help you quickly step onto the path of recovery from family addiction trauma.

These programs are meant for:

- Parents that are struggling with a child's alcohol or drug addiction
- Spouses that are struggling with their spouse’s alcohol or drug addiction
- Families that are struggling with a family member’s alcohol or drug addiction.
- Employers who observe a negative change in an employee's attendance and efficiency/productivity

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The Family Matters Program

Melody Bacon, PhD and Ronald Bacon, LMFT have taught how to develop serenity and peace in the face of active addictions for over a combined 50 years. They have developed a first of its kind online program for the loved ones of active addicts and alcoholics, the Family Matters Program. In this course you will learn how to free yourself of the tyranny of fear, anxiety, and worry that accompanies loving someone with a substance use disorder. 

The Family Matters Program is an innovative online program which supports those who have an alcoholic or addict in their lives. It was designed by Melody Bacon, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist, and Ron Bacon, M.A., MSM, M.Div., a licensed marriage and family therapist. Between them they have over 50 years of direct experience working with substance use disorder (SUD) clients and their family members in various treatment centers.

The Family Matters Program is a first of its kind online program that focuses on SUD families and how to guide them to self-improvement irrespective of the actions of their SUD loved one(s). Change is possible and there are options other than staying and keeping things the way they are now or leaving and suffering the guilt and regret that plague those whose worse fears are realized when the disease claims another victim.  

Students in the Family Matters Program demonstrate clear abilities to make better decisions than they did prior to enrolling in the course. They also report significantly more times of personal serenity, peace, and happiness with less and shorter episodes of conflict and "fights."


"We were in trouble and looking for some help. You guys extended some suggestions that you've found helpful to many others just like us. We've grabbed one of your suggestions and found it to be so deep and life changing (in ways far beyond addiction) that it has captured our attention. So thanks . . . for your suggestion, what a blessing you have been to us!” Ken R

“Thank you so much for access to this content. It has been such a gift and incredibly helpful already. I’ve shared it with some family members and hopefully they’ll be able to use these resources as well.” Brittany P

"Thank you for making these online courses available. What a wonderful resource it has been. Rich with information and on such an easy and accessible platform." Hope A

"Our daughter, following a major back surgery, continued to use Percocets and eventually began snorting heroin while at college. She admits that it was just a matter of time before she likely would have been shooting up. We knew the signs and what we would support and what we wouldn't and she did agree to go to a residential rehab without putting up much of a fight. That's almost 2 years ago now. We have more good days than bad ones and we look to see what our contributions are to what happens between us without taking the blame or assigning it." Melanie and Rick B